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Oh boy, Oberto!

By Daniel Strickland on October 2, 2005.

From today’s Houston Chronicle:

Not many in America have heard of Oberto, who schooled Vlade Divac in the 2002 World Championship gold medal game and stood his own against Tim Duncan in the Olympic semifinals in Athens. But soon enough Oberto may be mentioned in the same breath as San Antonio star Manu Ginobili.

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  1. Bramlet Abercrombie October 8, 2005

    He’s looking really good so far, based on reports on the Spurs’ intra-squad scrimmage in the Virgin Islands yesterday. Apparently he’s much like Manu in the sense that he’s one of those players who just makes shit happen. I think he could end up playing some really significant minutes this season.

    A poster on Spurstalk (Whottt) made a great comment about his game: he’s one of those very rare big men who plays with both great energy and great intelligence. With big men, you usually get one or the other, but not both.

    Now if he can just hit that mid-range J consistently…


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