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Speedy Claxton at Home in OKC

By Daniel Strickland on October 29, 2005.

There’s not much else to say about the preseason, except that it’s over. On Tuesday, it’ll be down to business for the once and future kings of basketball.

Ok, file this bit of minutiae on former Spur Speedy Claxton under “Where Are They Now.”

“This definitely feels like home now,” point guard Speedy Claxton said. “I thought it was going to feel like an 82 road-game schedule, but it doesn’t. This definitely feels like home.”

At first the players were living in a hotel, but many since have found their own places in town. Forward Chris Andersen has moved six of his cars to Oklahoma City. Claxton, an avid bowler, is more comfortable now that he’s found an alley he likes.

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  1. TheFunk October 30, 2005

    The sneaky fucking bitch-bastard George Shinn is going to move the Hornets, just to help keep fucking New Orleans.

    He’s a weasel son-of-a-bitch if ever there was one.

    He traded All-Star Jamaal Magliore for fucking Desmond Mason to get an Oklahoma college baller.

    The fucker Shinn is moving the team. Again.

    I hate that guy. He’s the NBA’s Al Davis, only worse.

  2. Bramlet Abercrombie October 30, 2005

    George Shinn is the most hated man in Charlotte, North Carolina.

    But it’s not such a bad trade for the Hornets, actually. I believe they got an unprotected first-round pick along with Mason. And they know they’re going to suck this year, so they’ll have good opportunities to get a good big man to replace Magloire. They’re rebuilding. (But of course, how can it be called “rebuilding” when nothing was ever built in the first place?)

    That doesn’t change the fact that Shinn is a fucker. Let’s just hope both the Hornets and the Saints stay in New Orleans in the long run.

    The Spurs don’t need the competition anyway.

    By the way, my word verification code for this comment is “gmaul.” That’s some randomly-generated coolness for you.


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