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Spurs are "Scary"

By Daniel Strickland on October 5, 2005.

That’s the word that was used in the caption beneath this image of Tim Duncan in today’s Yahoo! Sports:

Today’s poll question was: “Will the Spurs repeat as NBA Champions?” Given that San Antonio is a small market, it’s surprising that almost half said, “Yes.” Maybe it’s because Steve Kerr makes such a persuasive case.

So while contenders like Phoenix, Houston and Denver hustle and try to figure out how to topple San Antonio’s dynasty, the Spurs simply sit back, count their rings and add pieces to a puzzle that is already complete. Michael Finley and Nick Van Exel make the defending champs that much scarier. As a result, the Western Conference appears to be a race for second place.

Or maybe it’s just that scary photo of Tim.

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