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Spurs' Kiwi Lays Down the Smaq on Shaq

By Daniel Strickland on October 11, 2005.

Although the Spurs’ 3rd string players fumbled away a victory in their charity game against the Heat, there were a number of exciting things about the game for Spurs fans, particularly the surprising performance of one Sean Marks. Marks, the Spurs’ token New Zealander, dominated Shaquille O’Neal in the paint, throwing down a pair of vicious dunks in his face and consistently rejecting Shaq’s weak shit. The hapless Shaq could only stare at the floor in humiliation as he was taunted mercilessly by the intimidating Kiwi.

Yes, the preceding was in fact based on a wet dream I had last night, but Sean did play quite well, hitting 4 of 5 shots, including a trey, to help keep the Spurs in the game down the stretch. With Rasho and Nazr looking ineffective, he may finally win himself a place in the Spurs’ rotation this season.

In doing so, he will get sweet revenge on those doubters out there who still think he can’t play. You know who you are.

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