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K-Mart bankrupt again down the stretch

By Daniel Strickland on November 4, 2005.

Ricky Mar – I mean Kenyon Martin is one of those guys in the NBA I love to hate. He always acts like a punk in games against the Spurs and talks trash before and after. Sure, he puts on a nice, athletic show for a while, but when it really counts, you can count on his sorry ass to fade.

This punk and his Nougats have now lost five in a row to us.

(I know this pic is from last year, but check out the tattoo on his right shoulder. That ink ain’t never gonna fade. Thanks to whoever did this – apparently a poster on SpursReport or SpursTalk.)

SA fans should start a campaign to chant “3-for-23!” at him every time he comes to town. (For those who aren’t as awash in useless, esoteric Spurs trivia as I unfortunately am, Mr. Blue Light Special missed 20 of the 23 shots he took in Game 6 of the 2003 NBA Finals and watched as TD almost posted a quadruple-double on him in the process of wrapping up the championship.)

I must admit, however, that Carmelo Anthony looked really good the other night. I’m still not sold on him as a winner and a leader in the NBA, but he’s a hellacious scorer. His work in the offseason and his weight loss seem to have paid off.

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