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You're only asking for MORE WRATH

By The Funk on November 12, 2005.

The Dallas Mavericks, in catching the Spurs by surprise early, have merely angered the mighty bear they caught napping.

The Jack-You-Weather Forecast calls for “Deep Hurting, with a 40% chance of Heavy Deep Hurting.”

Also, Mork Cuban picked the wrong fight with huge GINOOOOOOBILI fan Chuck Barkley…

from The Detroit News

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban routinely rips on the media in his daily Internet chats. Most of the time, we just shrug it off, amused, really, that a man so filthy rich and otherwise intelligent could have the petulance of a 15-year-old. But Cuban fired on the wrong target last week when he went after TNT’s Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley.

Cuban didn’t like some of the criticism leveled by Barkley and Smith at his team’s defense and voiced his objections on his blog ( Cuban referred to the duo as the “idiots on TNT,” adding there is “a reason why Kenny and Charles haven’t gotten head-coaching jobs.”

So, on national cable television last Thursday night, with no chance for Cuban to rebut, the idiots let him have it. The best line, as always, came from Barkley.

“I’ll never have as much money as (Cuban),” he said. “I’ll never know as much about computers, but if he lives to be 1,000, he will never know more about basketball than (Smith and I). If he knew something, he wouldn’t have put that little soft cake team together.

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  1. Dingo November 12, 2005

    Don’t mess with Charles. I’d like to see what he could do with Cuban’s money.

  2. Dingo November 12, 2005

    Btw, the same Detroit News writer, Chris McCosky, said this about the Spurs:

    1. San Antonio Spurs: It’s almost not fair. By most, they were considered the perfect basketball team last year. Then they went out over the summer and got better by adding veterans Michael Finley and Nick Van Exel. The Spurs are constructed to play any and every style of basketball. If the Suns want to run and gun, they’re OK with that. If the Pistons want to lock them down and play half-court, they’re good with that, too. Tim Duncan is the foundation, obviously, but Manu Ginobili is the fire. He and Tony Parker comprise the best backcourt in the West. Off the bench, they bring Michael Finley, Robert Horry, Van Exel, Brent Barry and Rasho Nesterovic. Not fair.

  3. Bramlet Abercrombie November 12, 2005

    They’re gonna get it. And I can’t wait.


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