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Can you whup it though?

By The Funk on December 2, 2005.


My take… “Fuck them sorry bitches. “

You can quote me on that.

Hear me, Phil Jackson? You are a bitch. Of course, Kobe’s the Biggest Bitch In The World, so you have to take a seat at his feet.

Not such a Zen master without an all-star lineup, eh as-teriskhole?

Spurs defeated the Lakers, Kobe went off for a million and still lost.

Sorry bitches.

PS Laker fans – fuck you and your bullshit, fixed, fake-ass, pro-wrasslin’ chumpionships. I’ve seen more legitimate Don King fights than those title runs. For fuck’s sake, Globetrotters games are less scripted.

Did I mention the Spurs beat that ass? For like the 6th time in a row now? Which is the franchise dynasty, you lousy fucks? Can you whup it though?

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  1. Dingo December 2, 2005

    Can I get a “Hell yeah”? Hell, yeah!


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