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My Christmas Star

By The Funk on December 27, 2005.

Happy Holidays, loyal Dynasty readers. Doesn’t matter whether the Pistons pulled away at the end, at home, with Manu out. It was a great game and the Spurs have nothing to worry about.

You can see the star I hung on my Xmas tree.

My tree is a living sequoia, a native redwood in California. It’s in a pot, in a bucket, so it will live year-round on my deck.

The sequoia is one of the most extreme living things… it starts as the smallest seed of any plant in the entire kingdom, and becomes not only the largest tree in the world, but is the largest living thing on the planet, plant or animal.

From a ruined pool in the Virgin Islands to 8-time First Team All-NBA (in 8 years… Larry Bird only made it 9 and Duncan is about to match that), 3 times Finals MVP, nearly 3 League MVP’s in a row (barring injury, he was still the best player on the best team)…

Tim Duncan is the star on my Christmas tree. Happy Spurs Holiday Season to all !

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