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Championship Basketball

By The Funk on January 17, 2006.

What the Spurs play, and the talented (and unfortunately injury depleted… oh wait a minute… Damon “Minnie Mouse” Stoudamire said Avery Johnson would “never lead a team to an NBA championship” then Bill Clinton hosted the champion Spurs and mocked Stoudamire – whump!) Memphis Grizzlies do not play….


There are tiers of hoops. The Heat, Grizzlies, Suns, Pacers… all play Tier 2 hoops.

The Spurs and Pistons do not.

The difference is massive, and evident in the (albeit close) back to back wins of the Spurs over Grizzlies.

The second win showed that the Spurs are, again, that Tier 1.

Tony Parker missed 1 shot out of 13, and that shot rimmed out.

And we’re not to the All Star Break yet, when the Spurs historically light it up.

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  1. Bramlet Abercrombie January 20, 2006

    I had a feeling the Spurs would get that win, even though the Grizzlies pushed them in the first game. The Spurs don’t like having to come up with a game-ending miracle play to win at home.

    What I liked most about it was that there were only eight turnovers. Usually the Grizzlies (and teams like them) force the Spurs into a lot of turnovers and then capitalize on them. In the first quarter of the first game, it looked like that trend would continue. But then the Spurs started getting smart and not forcing passes inside (which they have the luxury of not having to do so much anymore, thanks to their abundance of penetrators and outside shooters), and the Grizzlies found it much harder to beat them – even though the Griz have an experienced, talented team this year.

    But I do have to say this: the Pistons have made the Spurs look like a Tier-3 team twice this year.

  2. Dingo January 24, 2006

    Aw, come on, the Spurs only looked like a Tier-3 team during those quarters when the Pistons held them to 8 points (1st quarter, Dec 25) and 15 points (1st and 3rd quarter, Jan 11). Otherwise, they looked an aspiring Tier-2 team.


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