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Le Pénétration

By The Funk on January 22, 2006.

So, I fell asleep on the couch, while Bramlet, Dingo, and Casanova watched with baited breath as our Spurs started adjusting on the road, with an injured Manu, against the ECF Miami Heat team that took the Pistons to the ropes and frankly should have advanced to the Finals against us… maybe even beaten our boys in the Black & Silver.

(I had too many beers and too little sleep and my couch was simply too comfortable.)

4th quarter, the Spurs down by 4, but the fire is in their eyes and the rally looks imminent.

Then TiVO got to the point where it cut off, even though I always tape +30 minutes after any game just for such occasions.

However, TiVO sees the next game as the program title, so it doesn’t keep those extra 30 minutes attached to the Spurs-Heat *and* also doesn’t save it as the Flakers game (funny how we’re routinely the JV game for Kobe, somehow ?!? Sure the NBA doesn’t have a bias…).

Anyway, the poor Dynasty Crew here had to settle for reading the results on the web and a cliffhanger. If I hadn’t supplied the brew, they might have stolen my tv angrily when I passed out.

Turns out Tony “Le Pénétration” Parker had a career scoring night, lighting it up for 38. At the half, Bramlet pointed out he already had 20.

Ironically, the Spurs Dynasty crew actually were assembled and witnessed, live, the 35 point previous career high in Oakland VS Baron Davis (and the then streaking Warriors who had ripped out 9 straight wins at that time).

That was last season. We have good karma, fellow Spurs fans, when the Dynastic squad assembles to watch our Spurs.

Fierce dynasty, and someone needs to give me a good reason Parker doesn’t belong in the All Star game. Don’t gimme any Steve Nash gets 15+ assists in some games nonsense either.

He can’t whup it though.

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  1. Dingo January 23, 2006

    Great game, even if I had to wait until I got home to watch the last 3 minutes and 50 seconds of action, with the Spurs and Heat tied 86-86.

    Funk, you were a gracious host, but the TiVo problem was all you — don’t blame the machine. How do I know? Because I recorded the game with my TiVo, set it to stop recording 30 minutes after the game was scheduled to end, and it did. Not only did I get to watch all of the Spurs-Heat (JV) game, I also enjoyed the first 8:28 of the Lakers-Suns (Varsity) game.

    If you need a TiVo lesson, just let me know, and I’ll be happy to oblige.


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