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The "Real" Spurs are Coming

By Daniel Strickland on January 17, 2006.

Here is an excerpt from a conversation that took place between TNT announcers Dick Stockton, John Thompson and Reggie Miller during tonight’s game between the San Antonio Spurs and Memphis Grizzlies (3:17 left in the second quarter):

STOCKTON: So Nazr Mohammed on the free throw line. At the end of the year and through the playoffs, he was the starting Center for the San Antonio Spurs. Came over in the trade for a very popular Malik Rose, with the New York Knicks. Finished but didn’t really have much of training camp because Mohammed had some personal problems at home and so did not really get off on the right foot, as far as being in condition to start the year. And you’re going to see his playing time increase.

THOMPSON: Well, I think that’s the thing that is going to be very interesting to watch after the All-Star break with this team (Spurs), you factor in the experience they have … guys that have been injured … guys that are going to be a lot better after the All-Star break. It will be interesting to see how they challenge those other two teams that you had on the board.

STOCKTON: And of course, the Spurs have always been a team that kind of lulled around a bit until after the All-Star break; knew when to turn the jets on, to get ready for the second season.

MILLER: Well, it’s funny, you say ‘turn the jets on.’ They usually start to turn it on on that long Rodeo …


MILLER: … trip that they usually have every year when the Rodeo comes to San Antonio … that’s getting ready to come up, ladies and gentlemen. So, I think that’s when you’re gonna see the real San Antonio Spurs really start to get it into gear.

The 2006 San Antonio Stockshow & Rodeo will be February 3 to 19, and during that road trip the Spurs will play: the Craptors, the Nets, the Pacers, Cavaliers and Sixers.

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  1. TheFunk January 18, 2006

    Cold got to be. Nice transcription on some crucial facts, which I happen to make a lot of money on every year Dingo.

  2. Bramlet Abercrombie January 20, 2006

    I need to get in on this racket to supplement my income. Why do people still bet against the Spurs?

    The 2nd-half surge, known in some quarters as SPAM (Spurs Peak After March) is coming.


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