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Spurs To Not Even Bother Trying Until Playoffs

By Daniel Strickland on January 20, 2006.

You have to admire their honesty.

SAN ANTONIO–The San Antonio Spurs announced today that they will not even put forth on effort until the playoffs start in April. The Spurs currently sit atop the Southwest Conference and can pretty much cruise into the postseason without even breaking a sweat.

“I’m not trying anymore. That’s it. I’m done,” said forward Tim Duncan. “What’s the point anyway? We can’t suck even if we try. We can sleepwalk into the playoffs. Ooooh, so Dallas is a game behind us. What’s the worst that can happen, they take over first place? Ok fine, so we’ll be the second seed then we’ll steamroll everyone until we get to the finals. Then we have the Pistons. That’ll be a good time to start trying.”

In their first 37 games, the Spurs put forth an honest effort a staggering 22 times. Exhausted and banged up, the players are ready to take the rest of the season off.

The rest of this revealing article can be read here.

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