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Top Posts in 2005

By Daniel Strickland on January 23, 2006.

The results are in. Which posts were the most popular among Spurs Dynasty readers in 2005? Surprisingly, three of the the top four posts had little to do with the San Antonio Spurs. One thing they all do have in common, though, is the same author: Bramlet Abercrombie, formerly known as the Notorious CBC.

#4: Don’t sweat these preseason losses: “Unlike most teams, the Spurs don’t need confidence-building wins against a bunch of scrubs. We have the luxury of letting guys get lots and lots of rest in the preseason, because of our depth and the players’ familiarity with each other and the system.”

#3: Get well soon, Amare …: “… so the Spurs can kick your ass.”

#2: Toronto Craptors lose to Israeli team.

#1: Ali G in NBA commercials.

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  1. Bramlet Abercrombie January 24, 2006

    The Ali G post wins first place?!

    I demand a recount.

    How exactly was the winner of this competition determined? Seems a bit dodgy to me. I know I didn’t pay you off, so why aren’t you and Jake represented in the top four?

    You guys have been throwing down the gauntlet lately, especially, so I’ma haveta start layin’ the hammer down. The opening salvo in my quest to repeat has been fired today.


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