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Walton and Durham Talk Manu

By Daniel Strickland on February 11, 2006.

These exchanges between Jim Durham and Bill Walton were overheard during last night’s Spurs-Nets game on ESPN:

DURHAM: So, if you shoot it better than anybody else, and you defend it better than anybody else, what’s left?

WALTON: The championship.

DURHAM: [Laughter] There you go.

WALTON: Which they already are. And they’re a better team this year. The addition of Finley, the addition of Van Exel, the maturation of Nazr Mohammed, the explosion of Tony Parker … the only thing that hasn’t been great this year has been this guy, Manu Ginobili.

* * *

WALTON: I liked it when Manu had his hair a little bit longer.

DURHAM: Really? How ’bout when Duncan had his hair a little bit longer?

WALTON: Oh, I loved that. I like the ‘fros. I remember I used to have a ‘fro. Big red curls … orange when I was a youngster.

* * *

WALTON: With Manu Ginobili — who is without question one of my favorite players in the league — this is a guy who sees things that few others do. And sometimes he sees things that aren’t there.

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