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Bramlet's Thoughts on the Spurs' Win Over the Lakers

By Daniel Strickland on March 7, 2006.

Seven in a row over the Lakers. Damn satisfying, even if the team is a shadow of its former overhyped greatness. Let’s make it eight on Friday.

Kobe “Second Coming” Bryant is amazing. But once again, individuals will never beat the Spurs. Especially when their teammates suck ass.

Does anyone else want to slap Smush Parker’s danglers? There’s something extremely annoying about that guy.

Nice to see Manu hit his outside shot: 4 of 5 3’s, all in the span of just a few minutes. If he can start getting to the rim again, the Spurs will be in great shape. He’s penetrating and dishing nicely, but he sure hasn’t taken it all the way to the hole with any kind of consistency recently. Obviously still struggling with his ankle injuries, but Bramlet thinks it’s more mental than physical.

Tony Parker is a MAN. He took it straight to whoever tried to guard the rim, just as he’s done in almost every game this season. It’s no surprise at this point, but some of his moves still amaze Bramlet, especially when he gets hit and still manages to finish against much bigger, stronger defenders.

Another thing about TP: three straight long jumpers in the 4th. Bramlet’s been saying he’s clutch on those for a while now. Bramlet would love to see what his percentage is on outside shots in the 4th quarter this season. Word from Sean Elliott is that they’re getting ready to unleash his 3-pointer on the L. Can you say “unstoppable”?

Yet another observation about TP: Phil put Lamar Odom on him at one point. That’s something we’re going to see more and more, as historically it has been tall, long, athletic defenders who have given him the most trouble – point guards don’t have a squirrel’s chance in Shanghai of stopping him consistently. I’m sure every coach in the league noticed the fits that LeBron gave him a few weeks ago. Fortunately, there’s only one LeBron. But this is a tactic Tony will have to learn to overcome, and his improved outside shot will help him do that. Mark Bramlet’s words: we’ll see teams do this in the playoffs.

For those who harp on Finley’s shooting percentage: this dude has come up big down the stretch for us more times than Bramlet can count – of course, that may have more to do with Bramlet’s exponentially regressing* math skills than Finley’s greatness. The Spurs can live with his shooting slumps, because other guys will pick up the slack when he’s cold, and when he’s hot, they destroy teams.

After this post, Bramlet will cease to refer to himself in the 3rd person.

Bramlet out.

*Yes, Bramlet is aware of the irony of this choice of words.

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