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Let's See You Run Things, Cuttino

By Daniel Strickland on March 29, 2006.

Los Angeles Clippers guard Cuttino Mobley had this to say about Tony Parker after the Spurs beat them in Los Angeles.

Tony’s a really good player, but their offense is so easy to run,” said. “You dribble it down, you give it to Tim, and those guys are knocking shots down and making plays. That team is deep enough that it’s OK.

“If you miss Tim Duncan, then there’s a difference. But you can make up Tony’s 20 (points). And Finley’s a starter anywhere else.”

I guess that’s why Tony Parker, not Tim Duncan, leads the team in scoring.

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  1. Bramlet Abercrombie March 31, 2006

    I know I’ve been using the word “bitch” rather willy-nilly (and in case you were wondering, no, the adverb form is not “willy-nillyly” – I looked it up) lately, but if it applies to anyone, it’s Cuttino Mobley. When he was with the Rockets, that guy complained about the reffing every single time the Rockets lost to the Spurs – which was almost every time they played each other. One of his choicest comments was this one after a game in 2003: “San Antonio had help. It’s as simple as that. They can’t beat us straight up and they know it.” It’s about time for him to shut the fuck up until he proves he can win more than a regular-season game against Tony Parker and the Spurs.


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