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Man In The Box

By The Funk on March 26, 2006.

Box. The Spurs forgot, in Denver:


2) It was a BOXING MATCH, so the Spurs had to throw blows (the Nugs never stopped going for the face or trying to crush Tony)

Otherwise, the Spurs showed remarkable resilience in one of the most losable games left in the schedule.

On the road, a back to back (da squad usually loses these, as we’ve seen for months now), at mile-high (having lived in Denver and a few vigorous workouts at altitude, let me assure you there are reasons the Nugs, Avalanche, Rockies, and Broncos win there a lot beyond talent), against a strong, physical, playoff bound division rival and last year’s playoff opponent…

and the team rallied from down deep and could have won saving Bruce’s foul trouble.

No apologies, and our local Golden State Warriors put one on the _allas Mavs, *with* Dirk going for 51. What is it with the Warriors and the 51-pt. games, anyway? Antoine Jamison had back to back 51’s when he played here and Kobe matched him one of those.

Bowen, btw, is in Olympic tryouts since he is such a fierce defender. In Denver, he was the only thing standing between Caramello and 51.

He now plays offense. He never misses games. His hands never stop moving. An announcer aptly described him as I r o n m a n.

Speaking of both vehemently political, psychedelic, brilliant British writers as well as comic books, go see V For Vendetta. If it’s the only movie you go to in 2006, you will be glad.

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