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By The Funk on April 30, 2006.

It was in the bag. It was Sacto’s one big shot at a win. They pulled one out.

The Spurs got the Annual Round-One Wakeup Call, and Game 4 will be an overwhelming response. Expect the Spurs to control the 4th quarter, if not the 2nd half.

* Tony is 17-18 from the FT line in the playoffs, averaging 6.7 assists, 19.7 pts per game. Make no mistake, this is dynastic.
* Tim had 29pts, 12 boards, and 6 blocks last game.
* Mike Finley is shooting 54% from the floor, 57% beyond the arc, and hasn’t missed a FT.
* Manu gave them Game 3, but hey, he took Game 2 from them with a little help from his friends, especially…
* …Brent, who is shooting almost 60% fg, 50% treys, and obviously punked Bibby out with the monster downtown shell to push OT
* Muhammed is 10-12 from the floor in the playoffs, which is very nicely efficient, to go along with 83% from the FT line (very, very important)
* Rasho is 8-12, 6.3pts and 6.3 rebs a game so far. But the most telling stat – he is 100% from 3 point range.

Aw yeah.

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