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You're only asking for more wrath

By The Funk on April 6, 2006.

“You’re only asking for more wrath” – Homer J Simpson

Oh, Sacto, Sacto, Sacto.

They beat us down in our own gym. It wasn’t pretty.

I have a feeling that the Mavs are going to get some frustration taken out on them.

Prior to that, the team has been on a tear. Get this – we were doubling the Jizz in both points AND FG% halfway through the 2nd quarter.

We were 6-of-6 beyond the arc, shooting a scorching 73% while limiting the Jizz to 35%, and more than doubled them in scoring too. In Utah.

That’s why Sacto killed us. Da boyz were overconfident.

Oh yeah, Ron Artest – fuck you.

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  1. Bramlet Abercrombie April 7, 2006

    Unfortunately, as a Spurs fan in exile, I was unable to do the honorable thing and throw a beer cup at Ron to provoke a mad outburst. Seizing an opportunity to contribute to the Spurs’ success would have been worth having to watch endless slow-motion replays of myself going “Oh, shit!” on national TV as Ron prepared to beat the shit out of me.

    With only 18 hours or so between the end of the Jizz game and the start of the Kings game, I knew it would be ugly. They phoned it in last night – and not from their living rooms, but from Cancun or Shangri-La or maybe even Queen Maud Land. But you’re right, Funk, the Kings are apparently too stupid to realize that they’re only asking for more wrath in the playoffs.

    And in the playoffs, I won’t be phoning in the voodoo either.


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