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Mark Cuban Reads

By Daniel Strickland on May 16, 2006.

Either that, or we have a plagiarist in our midst.

On April 17, Mark Cuban wrote on his site,

A team loses last years MVP of the NBA.
Then it loses its 2nd leading scorer to a division rival.
Its coach is in his first year as an NBA coach.
The team is successful in turning its approach to the game around 180 degrees from offense first, to defense first.
Four of its top 8 players are injured for weeks or months at a time.
This isnt a team of 4 all stars.
This isnt a team of 2 all stars, like the teams in the standings ahead of it.
this is a team of 1 All Star.

Compare this to the comments left by “mavsdynasty” on FunkTiger’s recent post, “M V P“.

Mark, if you are reading this, congratulations to you and your team. Dirk, Jason, Josh, Jerry and Devin have played a hell of a series, but it ain’t over yet, so don’t start celebrating.

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