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The Spurs Will Smash Dallas

By The Funk on May 13, 2006.

The Spurs lost game 2, and it wasn’t close.

Watch for the recovery, after several days of rest, to be a fierce rally in this series.

I’m wagering dollars-to-donuts on this one. The Spurs will be well rested and make crucial adjustments, as well as play with a passion that will be terrible for the Mavs to behold.

Seriously. Would you want to face the Spurs in Game 3?

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  1. Dingo May 13, 2006

    The oddsmakers favor Dallas by 3 to 4 points. That’s money in the bank!

  2. mavsdynasty May 13, 2006

    I for one am getting very bored with three full off days between games two and three of this series. There’s no question in my mind that if the layoff benefits one team more than another it’s San Antonio. The Spurs looked old, tired and very beat up on Tuesday night. You could see it in their body language late in the first half and I even saw it when they came out to start warming up for the second half. But three days without a game gives the Spurs a chance to heal and adjust. Certainly Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker look a step or two slower because of their bumps and bruises and the Spurs have to get more offensive production from Ginobili and a better defensive effort from Parker if they have designs on winning this series.

    The other benefit from the Spurs getting three days to recuperate between games is even more dangerous and that is Gregg Popovich and his coaching staff, have that time to game plan. The next big countermove in the chess match is Popovich’s and it just concerns me that he has some much time to prepare for it. As far as the speculation about what Pop will do – well from a scheme standpoint I am sure there are some wrinkles that none of us are thinking about that he will roll out there. From a lineup standpoint I think a lot of us trying to guess Nazr Mohammed going in the starting lineup for Robert Horry. It helps the Spurs close the rebounding edge Dallas has enjoyed in the first two games. It also changes the Josh Howard matchup on defense. Assuming that the Spurs want to keep Bruce Bowen on Dirk then putting Mohammed in the lineup moves Tim Duncan over to guard Josh. Still not the optimal situation for the Spurs however a better option than Horry guarding Howard. Now we will just have to see if it happens that way.

    Also Pop has to counter the brilliant tactical move of Avery Johnson who put Devin Harris in the game two starting lineup. Harris’ ability to break down the San Antonio defense with dribble penetration and to get the Mavs playing at a faster tempo offensively was the key to the game. Now what does Popovich do to try and slow down Harris. Surely he will be on the receiving end of a hard foul or two. I am not sure though if he does much more in terms of scheme changes. Perhaps he waits to see if Tony Parker is healthier after his time off and to see if Harris can duplicate his effort. Keep in mind, Harris is just in his second year and has only played 15 post-season games so it’s not a stretch to wonder if he can do it again. I think he can do again because he just looks as healthy as we have seen him since January.

    The tipping point of the series is now game 3. You can bet Dallas will get the Spurs’ best shot with three days to rest and adjust. If Dallas can survive then that bodes extremely well for them in terms of going on to win the series. A San Antonio win gives them great confidence and returns home court advantage to the Spurs meaning Dallas would have to go down there and win one more, which judging by the way Dallas matches up with the Spurs, it’s very doable


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