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Marissa Miller is a Kings Fan?

By Daniel Strickland on June 8, 2006.

Alas, I wish it weren’t true, but Marissa grew up in Santa Cruz, so I shouldn’t be that surprised. Although I do wonder why she isn’t a Warriors fan, instead.

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  1. Bramlet Abercrombie June 9, 2006

    Who the fuck is Marissa Miller?

  2. Dingo June 9, 2006

    Are you serious?!

    She’s a Sports Illustrated model. You’ll also find her in Victoria’s Secret catalogs.

  3. Bramlet Abercrombie June 11, 2006

    Yeah, she’s pretty hot and all, but the “jersey” is too much of a turnoff. Personally, I can only get it up for a woman who has a Ginobili or Parker jersey painted on her, and fortunately my wife is happy to oblige me. Does that make me weird?

    Actually, I also have a thing for women in Wonder Woman Underoos.


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