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San Antonio: Most Desired Destination in the NBA

By Daniel Strickland on June 1, 2006.

This year, I think our only major free agent action will be with our European studs. But it’s nice to know that players feel this way:

Utah not high on wish list for NBA players

According to a Sports Illustrated poll of 248 NBA players, 27 percent named the Jazz as the team (other than they’re own) for which they would least like to play.

Toronto was second at 16 percent, followed by Atlanta (10 percent) and Milwaukee (six percent).

San Antonio was picked as the team respondents would most-like to play for at 13 percent, followed by Miami (11 percent).

The survey was completed in January, and runs in the issue of the magazine that hits news stands today.

Who knows – this image might help facilitate a trade. J.R. Smith, anyone?

That’s gotta hurt if you’re a Jazz fan.

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