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The Best 10-year-old Hoopster in the US?

By Daniel Strickland on July 21, 2006.

Eli Saslow writes in The Washington Post about 10-year-old basketball phenom Justin Jenifer (“Is There Such a Thing as a Perfect 10?”).

It’s hard to belive that a 10-year-old kid, still in elementary school, is being watched closely by high school coaches and shoe companies, but after watching some clips of Jenifer’s game, I can see why.

At just 4’6″, Jennifer is an expert dribbler, has the jumpshot of an adult, can shoot the 3, and is an 80% freethrow shooter. There is no telling what time and inches will turn him into.

Thanks to the guys over at Sports Law Blog for the intelligent discussion of the NBA age rule and the mention of Jenifer.

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  1. Bramlet Abercrombie July 26, 2006

    You know this is old news to Pop, R.C., and Sam, right? They had Justin scouted in the womb as part of their innovative Pre-Natal Scouting Program – they got their hands on a 1st-trimester DNA sample and were drooling over his late-term ultrasound images. Hey, when you don’t draft until the end of the first round every year, you have to take extreme measures. And people thought their European scouting was revolutionary. Hell, they already have plans in place to tank the 2014-2015 season in order to get this kid.


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