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Spurs summer league games on NBATV

By Daniel Strickland on July 26, 2006.

MONDAY, JULY 24: DAL vs. SAS (FROM 7/14)



SUNDAY, JULY 30: SAS vs. UTA (FROM 7/21)

Thanks to Solid D for the info.

The games should all be repeated multiple times, in case you miss the first broadcast.

I watched a good chunk of the 7/14 game last night to scout out the Spurs’ draft picks and signings. It’s hard to evaluate players in the context of a summer league game, though, because the games are so damn chaotic, and the players don’t have the opportunity to jell and develop clear roles as they would on a real team. Ian Mahinmi, in particular, is hard to judge based on what I saw. Despite flashes of great aggressiveness, athleticism, and defensive ability, he didn’t seem to put up concrete stats to reflect his potential. But I’m willing to bet that playing alongside TD, TP, and Manu in a more structured context would allow him to use his athleticism and aggressiveness to complement his teammates’ abilities very effectively. Based on what I saw, he isn’t there yet, but he showed enough to make me think that the Spurs found another important contributor at the end of the first round. He needs to put on more weight, get stronger, and develop a midrange jumper, but he clearly has an NBA body, as well as the kind of speed and athleticism that will enable the Spurs to play him alongside TD, even when other teams employ a small lineup – and they’ll be able to maintain their “Twin Towers” defensive scheme, because I guarantee Ian Mahinmi is going to block some shots.

Ian had a good performance in the game against the Hawks, so I’m curious to see what that game will reveal about his potential.

As for the other players: Rich Melzer definitely had his moments, and Melvin Sanders continues to impress me. I hope the Spurs find a way to keep him and develop him. He might not fill the team’s needs right now, but I can see him as an important part of their future backcourt rotation. Apparently the guys on the team really like him, too, which is important – if they’re not getting good donut service, they can’t perform their best. It’s a little-known fact that Beno’s punctual donut delivery was an important factor in the Spurs’ 2005 championship.

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