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Nate Robinson stuffs Yao Ming

By Daniel Strickland on November 21, 2006.

Other popular Google searches for this tasty little clip might be:
“Nate Robinson block Yao Ming”
“Nate Robinson blocks Yao Ming”
“Yao Ming blocked by Nate Robinson”
“Yao Ming rejected by Sneezy”
“Yao Ming retires in shame after physics-defying block by midget”
“Nate Robinson takes all 10 slots in ESPN’s countdown”
“Mini Me gets revenge for Apple commercial snub
“Nate Robinson provides endless laughs for stoned gangbangers”
“5’9″ human kangaroo humiliates 7’5″ Commie Frankenstein”
“Nate Robinson sets TiVo record for most replays”

And I think that’s all the Google sluttiness I’m capable of tonight. Here’s the video you’re looking for, John:

Check out our site while you’re here – if you’re a Spurs fan, that is. Otherwise, go fist yourself. Especially if you’re a Lakers or Mavs fan.

And now here’s a photo of Kobe crying:

Just my little way of giving Funk a shout out.

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  1. Dingo November 22, 2006

    Speaking of Google sluttiness, Bramlet, guess what the number one search string for Spurs Dynasty in November is?

    Screech Porn.


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