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Sleepy in San Diego

By Michael Erler on November 29, 2006.

Game 14 @ Seattle: Spurs 98, Sonics 78

Well, it’s time to reset the Manu-counter to 0, my friends.

We knew it wouldn’t last forever, and quite frankly, I think if Vegas had the prop bet, 13 games would’ve easily covered the “over.” Actually I think in a weird way, it’s an encouraging sign. For him to be hurt, it means he was playing aggressively. No way he’s gonna get banged up jacking threes all game like he was doing vs. the Bulls and at Sacramento. So really, I’m not interested in the “When” question as in “When is he gonna play again?” as much as I am the “How” question as in, “How will he play when he does come back?”

I’m not even worried about the jumping/explosion part of it. All the injuries he had last year were with his ankles/feet. The other stuff is no big deal. Heck, when Brent Barry nicknamed him “El Contusión” it was during the ’04-’05 season, when he Gino was cramming it on everybody.

No, the odd part of the game was watching it simultaneously with the Eagles-Colts game at my friend’s sports bar. Well, actually the game was played in Indianapolis, I just watched it on TV at a sports bar. Just to clear that up. So probably for the first time ever, I was viewing my favorite NFL and NBA teams at the same time.

To say there was a noticable contrast between the two teams would be an understatement. It was more like a real life a Highlights “Goofus & Gallant” cartoon come to life.

“Ewww…Riverwalk “Yummy! Fuck Mark Cuban,
Trout Casserole! Yuk! fuck him in the ear!”

Whereas the Eagles played defense all night long like it was sorority two hand touch, the Spurs’ D turned it up a notch on the overmatched Sonics when it counted, holding Seattle to only five points in the final 7:53 and turning a 76-73 game into a laugher. It’s never a good sign for your favorite football team when they play less phsyically than your favorite basketball team. It’s probably also not a good sign if they depend on a French guy, a Dutch guy, a Slovenian, two Argentians, and a 6-10 paintball fanatic from the Virgin Islands. On a positive note though, I’m almost positive Jackie Butler could play defensive tackle for Philly.

Anyway, not only did Bowen grab, hold, pester and smack Jesus Shuttlesworth into a 21 points on 20 FGA performance, but their other All-Star poser Rashard Lewis scored a measly three buckets. I think Eric Williams had more of an impact on the game, just by sending vicious farts in the Sonics’ general direction. Of course, to Tony, nothing was amiss. Those lovable French!

(But really, they’re quite filthy people. I’m not even joking. I mean, thanks for all your help in The Revolutionary War and all that, but seriously, shower.)

Your 3 Stars!

3) Robert Horry– I figured I’d throw him a bone. He actually sank a couple of threes in the fourth. In a completely unrelated coincedence, I saw the sun shine off my dog’s ass today while he was chasing this blind squirrel who had just found an acorn.

2) Fabricio Oberto– Dude just doesn’t miss shots. He had like ten straight points in the 3rd to get the 2nd half going. He is singlehandedly saving Duncan from having an assist/turnover ratio of .25 or something horrid.

1) Tony Parker– He had like 12 points in the 4th quarter. Yay. Our point guard can get hisself sum bucketz. If you’re into that kinda thing.

Record: 11-3 Streak: W-1
Up Next: @ Golden State Warriors

I hear Manu is out for this one too. What kind of idiots will they find to pay good money for this shit then? It’s gonna be another tough second night of a back to back for us. I hope nothing disastrous happens like Andres Biedrins swatting Timmy five times or Mike Dunleavy scoring 18 on us.

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  1. Dingo November 29, 2006

    Nice take! Never mind that you totally fucked up the space-time continuum by predicting Biedrins blocks on Duncan (5) and Dunleavy’s points total (18). Uh, yeah.


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