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Suck it, Oberto Haters!

By Daniel Strickland on November 6, 2006.

The guy will never be an All-Star, but Fabricio “Oh Boy!” Oberto showed some of his potential in helping to save the Spurs’ asses en route to a comeback win over the Raptors. I think his performance (12 points, 9 rebounds, and double-digit instances of general badassness) convinced even more people that the Spurs’ FO knew what they were doing when they made their frontcourt moves this summer. He looked great playing alongside my man Frankie Elson.

I’ve been meaning to post that in addition to being a tough mofo, a great passer, and a smart all-around player who helps facilitate other players’ success, there’s yet another reason to like Fabri: he’s got good taste in music.

Bones actually went on tour with PJ over the summer, and that only deepens my already profound respect and appreciation for the man.

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