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Spurs Beat Up On NBA's Worst Teams

By Daniel Strickland on December 17, 2006.

Where the hell have you been, Dingo? In Hawai’i, actually. Thanks for asking. The waves on Oahu’s North Shore were perfect for the Rip Curl Pro Pipeline Masters. And I was fortunate to see U2 and Pearl Jam at Aloha Stadium the night before the Honolulu Marathon, which I decided not to run this year. Maybe in 2007.

So what did I miss? Lots, it appears. The Spurs have gone on a tear, winning 4 in a row and 8 of their last 9 games, by an average margin of 20 points. Nice. I hope the guys are enjoying themselves.

I hate to put a damper on anyone’s parade, but the Spurs’ opponents this month have all sucked. Excluding the Lakers, who beat the Spurs at Staples, the other 8 teams all have losing records, for a combined record of 63-94.

Tonight the Spurs handed the Iverson-less Sixers yet another loss, but only won by 5. Solid games from Tim, Tony and Manu, especially.

Ginobili scored eight of his 17 points late to lead the Spurs to a 103-98 victory Saturday night, handing the 76ers their 11th straight loss.

Still, the Spurs squandered a 17-point third-quarter advantage and allowed Philadelphia to take a lead late in the fourth. However, Ginobili served up a 3-pointer, another basket and three free throws in the last 2:47 to put the Spurs over 100 and seal the win.

It looks like Michael’s assessment of Oberto may be right, as he’s playing less and less this month. Just 6 minutes tonight for Oberto, which is the second least he’s played in 25 games this season. I hope Michael is wrong and it’s not a trend.

Would it matter to anyone if the Spurs were NOT beating up on the wretched refuse of the league? Yeah, I think so.

“I just asked the guys if it wasn’t that much of a problem or an inconvenience if they picked up the pressure and played a little more aggressively,” Popovich said, recounting his halftime speech (during the Spurs-T’wolves game). “That might be a good idea.”

Speaking of playing more aggressively against the league’s wretched refuse, too bad the Spurs play the Knicks just once, and that was last month.

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  1. Michael December 21, 2006

    I love that picture. I can just imagine what they’re saying…

    Bruce: “Hey Tony did you know Eva blew me once last year after you two had a fight?”

    Manu: “She asked me about a threeway with Many”

    Tony didn’t seem too happy.


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