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By Michael Erler on January 13, 2007.

Game 37 @ Denver: Spurs 92, Nuggets 83

I usually don’t write about the odd numbered games here, but since my posting schedule has gotten all out of whack, I’ll add a couple of quick notes about this one just so y’all don’t think I’ve up and quit on you. I’ll write more extensively after the Wizards game on Saturday and get back to my regular routine. I swear to your God that I don’t believe in.

This was only the second Spurs game I’ve been able to watch live of their past six, and the first didn’t count because it was in a Vegas sportsbook with no volume and sitting next to a total idiot. Going in I expected to win handily since the Nuggets were without ‘Melo, but who can tell lately with our boys, where we spent the first week of 2007 in full-fledged pansy mode?

It was a tight contest the whole way, mainly thanks to a brilliant shooting night from The Answer and an awful one from our bench, but the Spurs managed to pull away late with typical Ginobilistic flair. Really, I’d love to find a wacky fun angle for this one, but what’s there to say? Everybody played EXACTLY like you’d expect them to play. It’s like the box score was a computer simulation.


1) Tim finishes with 19-13-3-3 and is an embarrassing 3 of 10 from the line.

2) Tony slices and dices Denver’s tiny guards to a tune of 26 points and 7 dimes, but most of his damage is done in the first half.

3) On the other hand, Manu plays like total ass for the first half and winds up with more points in the fourth (10) than he had in the preceeding three quarters (6). Seen that movie before, eh?

4) We get a combined 0 points from the twin unarmed bandits, Finley and Horry.

5) Bruce once again couldn’t guard the guy he was supposed to shut down, as A.I. went off for 33 points on 15-25 shooting. But you know, Bowen “made him work for it.” The best that can be said of his defense on Iverson was that he didn’t get close enough to him to send him to the line repeatedly.

6) Speaking of the line, thanks mainly to Duncan’s ineptitude from the charity stripe (though Tony and Horry chipped in a little) we shot a glorious 42.9% from there for the game. Our entire wussy bench went the whole 48 minutes without an attempt.

7) Oberto and Bonner hustle and rebound and bring energy and stuff. And they look like awkward YMCA dorks the whole time.

8) Beno still can’t hit open jumpers. They’re not even coming close.

9) Brent refuses to take it strong to the basket and three of his four attempts are from three.

10) In a game the Spurs shot a higher % from the field, had more threes, had more free throw attempts, had more rebounds both offensive and total, way more assists, way more steals and blocks and way less turnovers, despite being on the winning side of every worthwhile statistical category, they needed a late run to win the game.

Like I said, typical Spurs basketball. Three stars, one of the megasuperduper variety, and nine guys who have no clue what their role will be on any given night. Who starts? Who plays? How long do they play? Who do they play with? Nobody knows. All I’ve managed to figure out thus far is that it’s very rare (thankfully so) to see Tony and Beno together and even rarer for Bonner and Horry to share the floor. Beyond that, anything’s game. Not that I’m blaming anyone for this…

Tactical mastermind at work.

Beyond that, the only other curiosity that I thought was worth sharing was the recent stretch of ungodly efficient play by our very own Emmanuel David Ginobili. Believe it or not fellas, but right now, this season, is the best he’s ever played for the Spurs, outside of the months that end in -ay and -une. No member of the basketball media is saying anything, either because they simply don’t notice or they’re just afraid that the mere mentioning of his sensational play will be enough to cripple the starcrossed Argentine once more, but the fact that’s he’s not cramming it on people’s heads anymore has not seemed to hurt Gino’s numbers in the box score any.

According to’s John Hollinger, Manu is the 9th most efficient player in the NBA. Does efficient mean best? Of course not, what are you a fucktard? Still, I think it’s pretty neat, and it can’t be too flukey if the only guys above him are, in order, Flash, Diggler, Yao, Tim, KG, Arenas, Randolph and Bronnie and the two immediately below him are Kobe and Nash. Also, you may have noticed that Tony is 20th. One would think a team with three guys in the top 20 would be pretty damn good, huh? One would think.

If anyone asks, he’s in a slump. He doesn’t dunk anymore, so he must be slumping, right?

Your 3 Stars…

3. Tim Duncan – It’s horrifying to admit this, but we’ve crossed over into Diesel territory with him. It’s gotten to the point where if he makes one of two at the line you’re relieved.

2. Manu Ginobili – Looked totally lost for the first half and had only six points after three quarters, so naturally he accounts for 14 of our last 16 with 10 points and two assists, and he had two thefts in the sequence for good measure. Sneaky bastard.

1. Tony Parker – For a guy who blew four gimme lay-ups and played no defense whatsoever, he had a pretty good night. If only every guy on the team I picked on could be so good.

Record: 26-11 Streak: W-3
Up Next: Vs. Washington Wizards
Our first look in the 06-07 season at Lez Bullez the notorious Agent Zero. I’m a bit concerned that he had a crummy night vs. the Nooch, because now he’ll be all angry against innocent ol’ us. Does Bruce have a chance in hell of guarding him? Of course not, the guy can shoot them from damn near half court for Christ sake. Hopefully our bench will come alive and we’ll sink some threes, because I think we’re gonna have to be in triple digits to pull this out. And it’ll be on at the same time as the Eagles game. Dammit.

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