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Poll: Who Should Spurs Trade?

By Daniel Strickland on January 21, 2007.

Rumor has is that the Spurs “continue to look for a trade to upgrade their athleticism on the perimeter.”

Pop definitely understands that things need to change.

“At this point, Dallas is the best team in the league, without a doubt. Phoenix is playing great basketball. Those two teams may never lose again the way they’re playing.

The idea is to try to be as good as those teams are come playoff time. We’ll see what happens.”

Which brings us to the latest SpursDynasty poll.

Who should the Spurs trade?
(Current salary* in parentheses)
Tim Duncan ($17,429,671)
Tony Parker ($9,450,000)
Emanuel Ginobili ($8,250,000)
Brent Barry ($5,117,880)
Eric Williams ($4,296,000)
Bruce Bowen ($3,750,000)
Robert Horry ($3,315,000)
Francisco Elson ($3,000,000)
Michael Finley ($2,889,000)
Fabricio Oberto ($2,500,000)
Jackie Butler ($2,200,000)
Matt Bonner ($2,000,000)
Jacque Vaughn ($1,071,225)
Beno Udrih ($967,920)
James White ($412,718)
See Results

* Salary data from

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  1. Anonymous January 25, 2007

    Everyone gets a vote except Manu!?


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