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Beno Comes Out of Jersey Smelling Like a Rose

By Michael Erler on February 14, 2007.

Game 52 @ New Jersey: Spurs 107, Nets 82

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times: If we play a team that’s missing their starting point guard, small forward and center and even with all those guys they’re not that great anyway, I like our chances.

God, it’s been a while since we’ve had one of these, huh? Almost a full week in fact and I was getting antsy. If I don’t get to witness a Beno Udrih blowout bonanza at least every third game, that facial tic of mine comes back. I’ll be honest, it’s not pretty.

There was so much extensive garbage time in this game (so fitting since they were in aromatic Jersey after all) that not only did Doghouse Boy get serious run in the 4th, but Jackie Butler saw 11 minutes of action as well.

Okay maybe “action” isn’t the right word for it since he hardly moved, but you know what I mean.

The negatives for Butler:

– Couldn’t score inside
– Couldn’t scoure outside
– Couldn’t set a decent pick
– Couldn’t get to the line
– Couldn’t get an offensive board
– Couldn’t get a defensive board
– Couldn’t guard anybody
– Couldn’t play help defense

The positives:

– Didn’t collapse on the floor
– Had a couple of nice passes
– No turnovers

Still, I’m not sure if it was the kind of eye opening audition that will inspire Coach Poop to play him in a meaningful spot anytime soon. With Bonner’s return imminent, he might not even dress the next game. Even worse for poor Jackie, the YES Network’s Mark Jackson just SAVAGED him on the air. When Marv Albert informed Jackson that the Spurs coaching staff has been giving Butler videos of Moses Malone to watch and study from, Jackson responded, “Moses Malone? I don’t think so. If I were Butler I’d take those videos out of the VCR and go play a movie.

He then trashed Butler for a full five minutes, refusing to let it go even when Albert begged him to move on. Maybe those comments are what the coaches should play for Butler and that’ll inspire him to grab a rebound. Or maybe not.

But yeah, just about everyone played well for us, the 20-0 run to begin the 2nd quarter pretty much ended all the suspense very early and the only minor suprise of the night (besides Udrih canning all four of his shots in the fourth) was Oberto being dropped from the rotation. Popovich may have finally had enough of Fab’s inconsistent finishing, underwhelming rebounding and Charmin soft presence. After a great first couple of months, it seems that the league has caught on to Oberto’s game and the way I see it, he’ll be fortunate to be a scrub for two or three more years before quietly being ushered out of the league in his mid 30’s. His one discernible skill is offensive rebounding, but he’s so bad at everything else that it’s not enough to justify having him on the floor.

Hey Coach, maybe Oberto’s back isn’t feelin’ so good tonight, youknowwhatImean?”

Prior to the game the team did pull off a minor deal, swapping Eric Williams for the Bobcats’ Marvin Ely, a dude who has cornrows AND wears a headband. Is that even allowed for the Spurs? From what I hear the front office was at first reluctant to bring Ely aboard, but once they did their homework on him and came to the realization that despite his tough appearance Ely’s actually a very poor rebounder and defender, they knew they had found their guy.

Eva was very excited when finding out about the Ely acquisition. A little too excited…

Your 3 Stars…

3. Tony Parker – Had a lot of fun playing against a squad with no shotblockers, yet still was unselfish enough to come up with TWO assists. Take that haters!

2. Manu Ginobili – Had a sweet block (or was it a steal?) on Moore and fed it to Tony for an ultra-rare fastbreak lay-up. Did a bunch of typical Manu things and finished with a team best +29. Vinsanity does not care for him, let’s say.

1. Tim Duncan – Another all around dominant night for Mr. Chuckles, including a flawless 7 of 7 from the line. I guess he saves the clanks for the good teams. Hee hee.

Record: 34-18 Streak: W-1
Up Next: @ Detroit Pistons
The rodeo roadtrip and the pre-All Star break portion of the schedule both come to a merciful end tonight in Motown. Not only are the Webber led Pistons probably the favorites to come out of the Least, but it’s a segababa. It’s won’t be impossible for us to win since none of the big three wore themselves out last night, but the guys would have to play significantly tougher and guttier than they have been of late or pray to God that both ‘Sheed and C-Webb get a little too jumpshot happy. I hate playing here because it means having to put up with Mason the PA guy so I’m seriously considering having the volume turned off and listening to some music instead. Given the current state of the Spurs, something peppy like The Cure’s Pornography would be appropriate.

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