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Something Special

By Daniel Strickland on February 25, 2007.

As one of our reader’s noted — we’ve had over 10,000 in the last three months, by the way — Manu’s 24 straight points against the Atlanta Hawks “was something special.” I couldn’t agree more.

Michael agrees, too.

I got to my place a bit later than usual because I had a meeting with one of my editors at the paper. I didn’t really care because I was recording the game anyway, but the second I sat down in front of the computer was when Manu was shooting the last of his three free throws and the 24th of his 24 consecutive points for the Spurs. Obviously it took me a couple of minutes to comprehend what I was watching.

Then I started touching myself.

Fast forward a couple of hours after I finished watching the game from beginning to end and I think it’s safe to say that it was one of the more enjoyable contests of the season for your humble narrator. Alright, alright, it was the most enjoyable, by about a hundred times. The only other game that I can think of that comes anywhere close was that huge second half Udrih-led comeback at Houston.

You’ll find the rest of Michael’s post, “Manu 24, Hawks 23,” at Pounding The Rock.

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