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Top Posts of 2006

By Daniel Strickland on February 4, 2007.

Last year saw dramatic increases in the number of unique visitors and pages viewed here at SpursDynasty. There were approximately 20,000 visitors to the site and nearly 35,000 pages viewed in 2006. If January is any indicator, we look to double that in 2007.

As was the case in 2005, Bramlet Abercrombie dominates the year in review, with seven out of the 10 top posts in 2006*. Interestingly enough, our top post in 2005 had enough traffic in 2006 to rank #6 on this year’s list. So without any further adieu, here they are, the top posts of 2006:

#10 2005-2006 Silver Dancers

#9 Revenge of the Bitches

#8 How to maximize the Spurs’ Mojo: Watch the game the SpursDynasty way.

#7 The Ten Best Things About the Spurs’ Elimination by the Mavericks

#6 Ali G in NBA commercials

#5 Javtokas on his way. Nazr curses Spurs on his way out.

#4 Spurs’ future looks bright

#3 Spurs and Pistons on Diverging Paths

#2 Marissa Miller is a Kings Fan?

#1 Robert Horry Bites Jerry Stackhouse

*excluding January 2006

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