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SpursDynasty Writer GetsNew York Times Byline

By Daniel Strickland on April 9, 2007.

Not many writers can say they’ve had a byline in the national newspaper of record, and even fewer can say they were paid for the pleasure. Our very own Michael Erler has joined the ranks of professional writers, as one of eight college seniors chosen to blog for the New York Times, “The Graduates: Eight College Seniors Face the Future.”

In his first piece, “My Alter Ego,” Michael writes:

Ever since seeing my name in print for the first time, I’ve been a writing junkie. I like it when people respond to my blog entries. I like that I can Google myself. I wake up and think about what to write that day and fall asleep worrying how it’ll be received. It’s ridiculously neurotic, but as my mother tells me, “the good kind of neurotic.”

The more positive feedback I get, the more confident I become, and I can honestly claim for the first time in my life I’m not worried about my future. I look to writers like Malcolm Gladwell, Chuck Klosterman and Michael Lewis for inspiration. They can write about sports, pop culture, politics, anything. I respect them, but am not awed.

To read the rest, you’ll need to register with TimesSelect. Come on now, the 14-day trial is free, so go ahead and sign up already.

I knew when we recruited Michael that he would someday move on to bigger and better things. Who knew how bigger and better it would be?! We’re proud of Michael’s accomplishment and glad to have him writing as a member of SpursDynasty.

Congratulations, Michael!

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