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Heard Tonight

By Daniel Strickland on May 8, 2007.

Some things heard tonight on TNT’s Inside the NBA after the Jazz-Warriors game.

“I can’t wait for that game (tomorrow night). That Suns-Spurs is a heavyweight slug fest.”
–Charles Barkley, cell phone spokesman and Oakland-hater

“Yes, it certainly is. Well said, Charles.”
–Ernie Johnson, Emmy-award winner

“That’s the key for us, you know, me or Manu or Fin, you know. We’re going to have great opportunities to score because they don’t have a very good defense and we need to take advantage of that.”
–Tony Parker, future Mr. Eva Longoria

“I hate to say this, and I hope it sounds the right way. I think we [the Suns] have more talent than they do. I think that we’re individually better. Collectively, they’re better right now.”
–Mike D’Antoni, Phoenix Suns coach

“San Antonio … the reason I picked them to win a championship, I think … to beat them four times in seven is going to be hard.”
–Charles Barkley

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