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"Present Meets Future"

By Daniel Strickland on June 6, 2007.

Have you seen any of the commercials that ABC has produced for the NBA Finals? I just saw this one during “NBA Fastbreak” on ESPN.

ANNOUNCER: Cavaliers.

[LeBron James heads out onto the court in warm-ups.]


[Tim Duncan removes his pullover.]

ANNOUNCER: Game one.


ANNOUNCER: Four titles in nine years would cement Tim Duncan’s Spurs as a basketball dynasty.

[Tim Duncan holds up the O’Brien trophy; Duncan embraces a teammate; Duncan and David Robinson stand side-by-side, each holding trophies and smiling.]

ANNOUNCER: Standing in their path is the face of the new generation. King James silenced his critics in leading the Cavs back from 0-2 in the Conference Finals.

[LeBron James shoots a three pointer; James stares at the camera; James dunks.]

ANNOUNCER: Now, present meets future, as the best in the game vie for supremacy.

[Manu Ginobili drives on Carlos Boozer; James points a finger off court; Duncan dunks; James smiles.]


ANNOUNCER: Game one.

ANNOUNCER: Coverage begins Thursday at 8:30 Eastern on ABC.

So this is the storyline, “present meets future?”

Ok, so there is not a lot you can say in 30 seconds, but this is just crap. ABC shows us just one Cavalier and three Spurs, and one of them is retired. There is so much more to the storyline of this series than just Duncan and James.

For a better “commercial,” check this out:

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  1. MT June 6, 2007

    *sniff* All it needs is the dramatic Bob Costas voiceover to be complete.


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