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Manu Dunks on Yao

By Daniel Strickland on November 7, 2007.

Matthew has a great take on Manu Ginobili over at Pounding the Rock, “What’s Gotten Into Manu?” with a YouTube clip of Manu dunking on Yao Ming.

I prefer this edit. You get to watch Manu in all his glorious sickness.

“I think everybody is in a state of shock over that one. Unbelievable. That was filthy, nasty, everything all wrapped into one. Look at this, he just climbs the Great Wall. Throws it down right in his mouth. I mean, goodness, that’s like, open your mouth, take out your mouthpiece, insert ball, put the mouthpiece back in. It doesn’t get any worse than that.”

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  1. Michael November 11, 2007

    Yeah…and that is why he’s my favorite player.


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