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Big Three Must Beat Hornets

By Daniel Strickland on May 7, 2008.

So far the Conference Semifinals against the Hornets have gone much like the Conference Quarterfinals against the Suns went. When the Big Three have produced, the Spurs have won. And when they haven’t…

Duncan had a career playoff worst performance with just 5 points and 3 rebounds in game one, while Parker and Ginobili combined for just 24 points in game two, getting nearly as many turnovers (8) as assists (10).

As bad as they played, Tim, Tony and Manu can’t play any worse, can they?

I’m not ready to write them off just because they lost two games on the road after coming off an emotionally and physically grueling series against the Suns. But another SpursDynasty writer, who shall remain nameless, sent this in an email:

I think you’d all agree if we played again last night, we would have gotten another assbeating in the 3rd quarter.

Lets hope there’s enough time to reset.

I hate to say it, but this has been the wakeup call, the heavy dose of reality of competitive sport at the highest level which indicates that, at any time, an organization of tremendous athletic success, a dynasty, can fall into mediocrity quickly.

Its a matter of time before the dynastic period draws to a close – I just hope the last 2 games were not the curtains starting to close.

I’ve seen this happen before. I’m just hoping the franchise still has enough firepower for another ring. I think we do, but we’re witnessing a changing of the guard, literally and figuratively.

There is writing on the wall, to be sure. On the other hand, we may just be facing the team that is best suited to beat us, as the Mavericks faced in the Warriors last year.

The Hornets have had our number all season long, outscoring us quarter-by-quarter 14-7 (three quarters were a draw). We beat them just twice during the regular season, November 9 and February 23, and in both of those wins our Big Three combined for 65 points. Consider that our magic number. We lost the other four games, including the last two, when Duncan, Parker and Ginobili combined for no more than 59. They scored 47 and 42 in the two playoff games in the Crescent City.

Hopefully a little home cookin’, sleeping in their own beds, and getting some lovin’ from their misses will do all the Spurs some good. The oddsmakers have the Spurs by 6 tonight and that sounds about right.

We win or lose these next two home games on the backs of Tim, Tony and Manu.

Go Spurs!

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