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How To Beat the Hornets

By Daniel Strickland on May 9, 2008.

Has Pop figured out how his team of veterans can beat the younger, more energetic New Orleans Hornets? If so, let’s hope that what happened last night can be replicated three more times, and that Byron Scott and his team are unable to adjust.

1. Matthew Powell at PtR gives credit to Bruce Bown for shutting down Peja Stojakovic. After averaging 23.5 points in the first two games, Peja was held to eight by Bruce last night. (Speaking of Peja, I attended game one in New Orleans and Peja’s face on a stick was handed to fans as they entered the Hive. I kept it and brought it to last night’s viewing, so my fellow SpursDynasty writers could properly deface Peja’s image before and during the game. I thought I might post it here for our readers to enjoy, but this is a family site. Ok, that’s not true. I’ll post it later.)

2. Charley Rosen writes for FOX Sports. And while you’re at it, check out the poll question, “Will the Spurs come back and win the series?”

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