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Time to Do That Voodoo That You Do, Spurs Fans

By Daniel Strickland on May 19, 2008.

Game 7 tips off in the Big Queasy in just a few hours, and it’s time to stop dicking around.

I’ll freely admit, in the last couple of years I haven’t been the same righteous Spurs fan that I once was, as the complacence of the Spurs’ four championships (and perennially competitive teams) and the weight of life’s responsibilities have set in. But just for tonight, I’m letting that mad, hyperactive, superstitious Bramlet out of the confines of the gimp’s basement I keep him locked in, so he can represent properly and once again take part in influencing the course of Spurs history.

With copious amounts of voodoo undoubtedly being performed upon crude likenesses of the Spurs throughout the city of New Orleans at this moment, and with the enormous odds already stacked against the Spurs in trying to win a Game 7 on the road (and in a place where they’ve had the shit kicked out of them quite frequently in the recent past), our boys are going to need a little help in the form of some dynamic ‘doo. Therefore, I’m providing you so-called fans who, like me, have basically sat on your fat South Texas asses for the last few weeks, with an opportunity to do God‘s work by helping the good guys win. God might not approve of the method, but when David West’s perpetual scowl slowly morphs into the infantile whimper of a loser confronting his fate, it will be clear that the end has justified the means.

I know it’s pitiful to pimp my own old post yet again just because I’m a shell of my former Spurs fan self who hardly ever produces new material, but please read this old post for detailed instructions on how to help humiliate the hated Hornets tonight.

Then you can right click on the links below, choose “save target as…” to save photos of the Hornet’s players, print them out, and commence Operation: Suck It, Spurs Haters.
Chris Paul
David West
Byron Scott and Bonzi Wells
Peja Stojakovic
Tyson Chandler
Jannero Pargo
Morris Peterson
Julian Wright
Hilton Armstrong

(Of the players more or less in the Hornets’ current rotation, I’ve left out Melvin Ely in weak-ass deference to his brief tenure on God’s Team.)

Won’t you join me for some good old-fashioned voodoo? I beseech you, Spurs fans, do not go gently into that New Orleans night.

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  1. Dingo May 20, 2008

    After last night’s game seven victory, can I assume that you’ll be bringing out the voodoo before game one against the Lakers tomorrow night?


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