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Spurs Prominent in NBA GM Survey

By Daniel Strickland on October 20, 2008.

Spurs coach Gregg Popovich trimmed his beard just in time to waive Salim Stoudamire and receive some accolades in the league’s annual general managers survey.

The GMs named Popovich the league’s best coach, ahead of Phil Jackson and Jerry Sloan. They also cited him as the coach who makes the best in-game adjustments and the coach who is best in the final two minutes of a close game and the coach with the best defensive schemes.

Tim Duncan was named the league’s top power forward and the third-best center.

Bruce Bowen was named the best perimeter defender.

The GMs predicted the Lakers will win the NBA title. Next, in order, were the Celtics, Hornets and Spurs and Rockets, who tied for fourth.

In addition, Mike Budenholzer got votes for best assistant coach. Jacque Vaughn and Kurt Thomas received votes to make the best head coach someday. Goran Dragic, whom you may recall the Spurs drafted 45th then traded to the Suns, received votes for most athletic rookie and international rookie most ready to contribute this season. Tiago Splitter was cited as one of the best international player NOT in the NBA.

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  1. Michael October 24, 2008

    haha…why the hell aren’t we dominating the league??

  2. Dingo October 24, 2008

    Why didn’t we dominate last year?! Have you already forgotten about Manu Ginobili’s ankle?

    Manu was hurting badly in the Western Conference Final after injuring his ankle against the Hornets. I don’t believe that Sasha Vujacic had anything to do with Manu going 3-for-13 in game one. And the Spurs almost won that game! They led by 20 in the third, remember?

    Come next May, if Manu, Tony and Tim are all healthy, the Spurs have a shot at another title.


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