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By Daniel Strickland on November 18, 2008.

Game 10: Spurs 86, Clippers 83

Unbelievable. Roger Mason’s three-pointer with 8.4 seconds left against the Clippers? Yeah, that was great. What’s unbelievable, though, is that I watched last night’s Spurs-Clippers game on my computer!

When Tim Duncan started playing for the Spurs back in 1997, we were still using VCRs to record games. (Bramlet needs a storage unit for all of his VHS tapes.) Now we watch games on DVR-delay, blog in real time and watch sport feeds on our laptops. Gotta love technology.

I guess it’s pretty amazing that, even without Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili, the Spurs have managed to cobble together three wins in a row. In fact, they’ve won four of five games since Parker sprained his left ankle against Miami on Nov. 7. Kudos to Tim Duncan and his supporting cast.

Not easy enough for a caveman.

Ok, so the Spurs beat the Knicks, Rockets, Kings and Clippers, but every one of the last three wins was a nailbiter in the Spurs favor – the average margin was 2.33 points.

The Spurs could easily be 2-8 this morning, but instead they are 5-5. And Spurs fans are excited about Spurs basketball again.

Over at PtR, CMoney writes, “I’m jolly that we beat the Clippers….. Wow….WTF!? We haven’t looked this good since the day before the regular season started. .500 baby!” docjohn writes, “I’m loving these close games! Good damn drama!” tomasito writes, “I feel like I’m rooting for my nephew’s 7th grade basketball team. It’s exciting and you want them to win, but they’re not quite…what’s the word… competent. I miss Manu and Tony.” r21x writes: “I have never been so happy to be a .500 team.”

Just two days ago, Mike Monroe of the Express-News was contemplating Manu returning to a 7-12 Spurs team. That seems pessimistic now, given that the remaining November schedule looks like an early Christmas gift for the Spurs: Nuggets and Jazz at home, Grizzlies on the road, Bulls and Grizzlies at home, Rockets on the road. The Spurs might be 8-8 or even 9-7 going into December, and with Parker back at the helm could hold steady at or above .500 until Manu returns.

Obviously we’re short-handed, but we’ve found a way to win games,” Duncan said. “It’s on my shoulders a little bit more. There’s going to be a learning curve with everybody.”

Regarding Mason, Duncan said: “He’s been great for us, he’s gotten great results. When (Parker and Ginobili) come back, he’s going to have an even bigger role. People will be paying more attention to them.”

Popovich said he believes Ginobili and Parker will both return sometime in December.

We’ll be counting the days until their return.

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