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More Spurs Trade Rumors

By Daniel Strickland on February 19, 2009.

With the NBA trade deadline less than 24 hours away, there are still rumors floating around about possible Spurs trades, either for Vince Carter or Richard Jefferson.

The Sacramento Kings will reportedly send Brad Miller and John Salmons to Chicago for Drew Gooden and Andres Nocioni. Apparently the Spurs made an offer that the Maloof brothers rejected.

Sources say the Dallas Mavericks offered Jerry Stackhouse for Salmons, and the San Antonio Spurs were willing to part with Bruce Bowen and Ime Ukoda for him. Both Stackhouse and Bowen have partial guarantees for next season – $2 million each – that are cost prohibitive to Sacramento. League executives say the Kings preferred a straight expiring deal for Salmons before they found the Bulls’ deal.

Adrian Wojnarowski also reports on Manu Ginobili’s ankle injury and what it might mean for trade talks.

The San Antonio Spurs’ delay to release any specific information about Manu Ginobili’s right ankle injury has led some opposing GMs to speculate that the injury could be serious. Delaying the announcement until after the Thursday trade deadline would help keep the Spurs from losing any leverage in their ongoing talks.

In addition to their failed pursuit of Salmons, the Spurs expressed interest in the Nets’ Carter and the Bucks’ Jefferson. One Western Conference executive acknowledged they have little chance of landing Jefferson.

Bruce Bowen has been offered in nearly every trade discussion because he’s guaranteed only $2 million next season. Center Fabricio Oberto also has a partial guarantee of $1.9 million next season.

Regardless of the outcome, SpursDynasty readers have demonstrated some wisdom in these matters, and also a glaring blind spot.

With 232 votes cast so far in our poll (“Who will Spurs trade?“), the top three picks have been: Jacques Vaughn, Ime Udoka and Fabricio Oberto. For some reason, Bruce Bowen ranks seventh. Chalk it up to appreciation for his 7-1/2 years of outstanding service to the organization.

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