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On hearts, broken.

By Jeff Koch on April 7, 2009.

The Spurs (and by “Spurs” I mean everyone who feels any sort of emotional investment in the organization) absorbed a massive blow today. We lost Manu Ginobili for the season.

Manu is many things to us. He is a spark plug. He is pure energy. He is a magician, a creative genius on the court. He is passion. He is our closer. He is the X-factor, the one thing we can all turn to for hope even when there should be none.

But he is something more than this. If Coach Pop is our mind, our brain firing a million synapses, always keeping us one step ahead of the competition; if Duncan is our soul, our centerpiece, our grounding, our foundation, the immovable object at the center of everything we do; then Ginobili is most certainly our heart, our fire, our joy, our utter and absolute belief in ourselves and the things we do.

We can argue all we want about what this loss does for our playoff chances, and our future, and what we should do moving forward. But for today our hearts break for our broken heart.

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