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3 Game Measuring Stick

By Daniel Strickland on December 2, 2009.

The Spurs are doing what they’re supposed to do.  They’ve won five games they were supposed to win and put together a nice 5 game winning streak.  Starting tomorrow they’ll have a three game stretch against some elite teams, that won’t be all candy and hugs, however. 

Thursday, December 3rd, Boston comes to town.  Boston is currently tied with the Magic for best record in the east, and seems to be gelling well with its new part–Rasheed Wallace.  He also leads the league in technical fouls.  Dogs also bark at night, and banks charge you fees when you overdraft.  If I could interview Sheed however, I would ask him how anything in this league could possibly surprise him so much that it would warrant an emotional response strong enough to keep him from having diarrhea of the mouth.  I know that some teams use techs as an art-form, pulling weight with the refs, but Sheed’s reactions just seem infantile and counterproductive.  After 15 years or so, you’d think the man may have seen a thing or two before. 

Boston is also on a five game winning streak, so something has to break here.  This is by far the toughest challenge for the newly tuned-up Spurs so far this season.  

Saturday, Spurs are up against the Thuggets Nuggets.

And then on Monday,  Spurs are playing at Utah; a team that has already beaten them twice, and who also may be the best home team in the league.  

This will be the Spurs toughest three team stretch so far in this young season, and I’m looking forward to seeing how this hopefully healthy squad makes due. 

Here’s some of my favorite stuff from the internets:

Here’s some Richard Jefferson wallpaper from Pounding The Rock’s site.

And a punch-you-in-the-face analysis of the Spurs five game streak by 48 Minutes of Hell

Also, I knew there was a reason why I love Ball Don’t Lie so much, because they speak truth

Of course, we also have SecretChord’s faithful, stellar recaps after most games, right here on Spurs Dynasty

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