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Golden State Can't Be Bothered With Such Things As "Position" And "Height"

By Jeff Koch on December 18, 2009.

We won another game that we should have won. Big whoop. Duncan dominated yet again. Yawn. We turned the ball over 20 times. Lame, but not surprising.

The Warriors started out with Radmonivic (more or less an oversized small forward) guarding Duncan, Maggette (a 2/3 combo, I would imagine) guarding McDyess, and Monta Ellis (an undersized guard, period!) guarding Richard Jefferson. What is there to even say about this? This is like some other sport, a very close cousin of basketball. You have to admire the steadfastness to the belief. We will put a killer offensive line-up out there–all speed and finesse–and see who can score the most, defense be damned.

Look, this was another game we should have won (and need to win to keep our record respectable). And we did. I don’t really care about these games any more, other than in my pure enjoyment of watching the Spurs play. From here on out, we need to start proving ourselves against quality, playoff-caliber teams. Our next chance at that is next Wednesday when Portland comes to town.


–It’s nice to see Roger Mason, Jr. getting some more playing time and making the most of it. I do think he belongs in the rotation because his shooting can keep us in games, as we witnessed Tuesday at Phoenix.

–Blair is making a strong case that he deserves more and more of McDyess’s minutes. I have high hopes for McDyess, but right now he’s struggling. I still believe he’ll round into form as the season rolls on. But until then, Blair is playing like a beast and growing smarter and more confident with each game.

Looking Forward:

We host Indiana on Saturday night. This should be a W; this better be a W.

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