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“Meat Grinder of Efficiency”

By Jeff Koch on November 30, 2010.

Jed Jacobsohn/NBAE/Getty Images

I’ll let the Warriors announcers do the recap for me:

  • The Spurs are a “meat grinder of efficiency”.
  • The Warriors have run into a “buzzsaw offensively”.
  • And my favorite: “Playing the Spurs is like getting a root canal”.

That about sums up the game.  Personally, it was just nice to watch the team live after missing six straight games.  The team was in efficiency cruise control tonight, which is quite impressive to watch.  

I’ve never seen this team play better offensively.  At every position on every possession, we have a threat to either score or contribute positively in some manner.  We’ve never had that before.  

Defensively, while our suffocating defense seems to have slipped a bit, we’re still a very efficient defensive team as our steals and ‘irritant’ plays are up, our rebounding is better, and our D is more frequently leading to positive offensive contributions.

Special props tonight to Tim Duncan for recording just his 3rd career Triple-Double.  As good a passer as he is for a big man, it’s a bit surprising he’s only had 3 in his career.  He actually threw an alley-oop to RJ tonight.  Crazy.  Too bad he couldn’t convert the tail end of the alley-oop from Parker earlier in the game.

No rest for the weary: the Spurs play the Clippers Wednesday night in LA.  The Spurs have absolutely owned the Clippers for the last few years, but this is still a dangerous game as the Spurs look to extend their league-best record to 16-2.

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