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Motor City Malaise

By Jeff Koch on February 8, 2011.

San Antonio 100, Detroit 89  //  43-8  //  1st in the West

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A smattering of questions that occurred to me tonight in the wake of the Spurs’ to-be-expected victory (even if we needed a hailing of 3s in the fourth to finally put the game away) over the Detroit Pistons:

  • Do you think Tony Parker teaches clinics on the tear drop at Spurs’ practices? I’ve seen Gary Neal, George Hill, Manu Ginobili, and DeJuan Blair all shoot some form of it (mostly successfully, at that) this year, and none of them seemed to have it in their arsenal before. Manu and DeJuan especially seem to be using it a lot lately.
  • Is great passing the most enjoyable thing to watch on a basketball court?
  • Am I crazy, or is the prospect of Carmelo to the Lakers not as scary as it should be?
  • Why did Glee’s Valentine’s Day episode have so few actual love songs? I don’t think “Fat Bottom Girls”, “PYT”, and “Firework”, and whatever it is that they sung in the Gap store really count.
  • Has it really been almost 6 years since we played Detroit in the Finals? Was Ginobili’s hair really that awesome back then?
  • I understand the Lakers are still the prohibitive favorites to come out of the West, but just how well do the Spurs have to do to be taken seriously? I mean, we’re 43-8 right now, one of the 7 best starts EVER. That surely means something, right?
  • Is Steve Novak a sneaky good pick up for a team that can ill afford a front court injury? He’s kind of a poor man’s Matt Bonner.
  • Is it just me, or has George Hill’s passing and court vision improved?
  • Why do some players shoot free throw line jumpers so well but free throws so poorly?
  • Wouldn’t Tayshaun Prince have been a good Spur? He was always my favorite of those great Pistons teams.
  • If last Thursday’s Spurs-Lakers game made me a complete nervous wreck, what are this year’s playoffs going to do to me?
  • What is my favorite of the Oscar “Best Picture” nominees? (I actually know the answer to that one: The Social Network.)
  • What type of recap should I write for this game?

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