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Spurs Keep Winning and Concern Keeps Growing

By Jeff Koch on March 13, 2011.

San Antonio 115, Houston 107  //  54-12  //  1st in the West

A few quick thoughts from yesterday’s game against the Rockets:

–Antonio McDyess proved yet another reason why he is in the starting line-up: midrange jump shooting. Setting multiple picks and popping off Parker drives, McDyess found himself with several wide open jump shots, most of which he buried. This is something that Blair doesn’t have yet. When Blair and Duncan play together, it’s usually Duncan popping out for the jump shot. I’d rather have McDyess shooting the 18 foot jump shot than Duncan, and I’d rather have Duncan down on the low block. Win-win.

–Though the defensive consistency is still miserably lacking, we got some glimpses of how good it can be coming down the stretch of the game. The bedrock principles are still in place and the innate understanding of it still exists in the practicioners; honestly, it seems as if it will come down to sustained desire, something Coach Pop seems to have a knack for getting from his players when necessary.

–After two miserable rebounding games, the Spurs rebounded (pun totally intended) to limit the Rockets to just 7 offensive boards. Many possessions ended with some solid gang rebounding by the Spurs. Think this was made a point of emphasis pre-game? I know Blair’s rebounding numbers are better, but I do trust McDyess more as a ‘clutch’ rebounded in the game. Just by picking up the overall rebounding numbers and simply ending more defensive possessions, the Spurs become a much better defensive team. Let’s hope the solid rebounding can continue.

–I don’t want to dump too much on Blair, because I love his game and he played very well off the bench. 14 points, 9 rebounds, 3 steals and an unlimited supply of energy in 19 productive minutes.

The Spurs have a big week coming up, with road games against both the Heat and the Mavericks, book-ending the week on Monday and Friday.

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